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Author: Stoll Gáborné| | April 07. 2008.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County was founded in 1994, as the chamber of public law. In its operation it is continuing the more than 100 years traditions of Hungarian chamber.  It is operating with voluntary membership since 2000 and the number of the members is moving between 2500-3000 but these enterprises give more than 70% of the GDP of the County.


The chamber’s main and important mission is to help investors and local enterprises because of the County’s difficult economic situation.


Inform the investors

The investors – who are visiting the County –, can get information about the economic environment, industrial parks, position of the labour market, possibilities of training and further education, possible suppliers, services, local taxes, possibilities for tenders.


Giving assistance to realize investments and solve liquidity problems

Information about preferential credit facilities, tenders. Offering qualified tender-writers. Administration of the Széchenyi Credit Card.



Organizing market partners

The chamber is searching for business partners, organizing business meetings and introductions in Hungary and abroad as well, it is looking for suppliers and completes their previous selection, too. Visit exhibitions and fairs, common appearance, organizing the introduction of products.


Supplying labour force

The chamber provides many vocational works on the basis of law power attorney. It signs the economic demand to the vocational training systems. It controls and qualifies the practical training places. The chamber practices control on 27 professions, exercises a function in the pre-final examination and examination, development of curriculas. It operates the students-contract system and organizing the master-education and master-examining.

Giving business information

Provides consultations and organizing forums about the next themes: taxes, finance, law, public procurement, vocational trainings, innovation, quality management, protection of trade law, protection of the environment, logistics, duty, foreign trade, licensing, and information science.


Innovation, research and development

The chamber is organizing relations in the University of Miskolc and in research places, gives help to the enterprises in their common researches, making innovational surveys.



Organizing networks, clusters of enterprises

The chamber’s important role is to organize co-operations between enterprises, creating and managing clusters, operating entrepreneurial networks.



Connections with authorities

The chamber is in correct and balanced connection with the authorities for the better information and preparing of enterprises, and for the simplification of the administrations of authorities.


Connections with the local government

Co-operation with the local government in the creation of site development programs, questions about the operation of enterprises, formation of the vocational training system and organizing investors.


Organization of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The chamber is leaded by an elected presidency with 29 members. The co-operation of the enterprises is realized in the industrial, commercial, service and handicrafts sections. It operates professional boards and clubs in the special cases.


Labour organization of the Chamber

The chamber is operating with a 24-strong labour organization. 90% of the colleagues have one or two degrees, the most people can speak foreign languages (English, German, Russian, and French).


The services of the chamber are attainable in the central office in Miskolc and in seven agencies in the County.










The services of the Chamber of Comerce and Industry of

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County 



  1. General consulting about management of a business


·        Conditions of enterprise-foundation, necessary documents and procedures, professional and technical conditions of exercising activities, granting process

·        Conversion, expansion of enterprises, changing of the owner, increasing of the capital

·        Conditions of enterprise-foundation abroad (inside and outside in the EU)

·        General and special legal consulting, collecting laws

·        Questions about taxation

·        Using and accounting the contribution of professional training

·        Using and accounting the research and development contribution


  1. Commercial consulting, market information


·        Domestic commerce, setting up a business, conditions, procedure, laws

·        Special rules of food trade

·        Customs formalities, licensing

·        Trading with excise products

·        Intermediation of business suggestions at home and abroad (Newsletter of the Chamber, at other native chambers, abroad)

·        Searching for potential national business partners

·        National and international exhibitions, fairs, financial assistance in trade development

·        List of county fairs, church-ales

·        Summary of foreign countries’ economy, structure of the economy, export-import connections

·        Visiting international exhibitions, organizing professional programs and travels

·        Taking part in business men’s meetings

·        Country days, taking part in forums

·        View of public procurement notices


  1. Professional consultations


·        Possibilities for tenders

o       Increase of capacity, technology-development

o       Job creation

o       Innovation, research and development

o       Protecting the environment

o       Infrastructure-development

o       Education, training

o       Service-development

    • Entrepreneurial credits granted by commercial banks
    • Credit possibilities of the Széchenyi Credit Card
    • Consulting on protecting of trade, patent, design, models for use and procedures of protecting brands, and necessary documents
    • Patent-research
    • Consulting on environmental protection
    • Quality management systems, procedures
    • Consulting on industrial safety
    • Information, consultations about vocational trainings, educations, educating places and adult trainings in and out of the educational system
    • Consulting on the choice of profession
    • Information about practical educating places
    • Information about students-contracts
    • Accredit of adult training enterprises, quality management, program-accredit consultations
    • Consulting on licensing procedures

o       Domicile-business licensing

o       Operation-licensing

o       Other obligatory files (gas-fitters, taxi drivers, travel agencies, etc.)

o       Consultations on making inside regulations

o       Consulting on public procurement procedures


  1. Administrations
    • Paper certifying, -sale

o       EU Original sale

o       EU Original certifying

o       ATA Carnet sale

o       ATA Carnet certifying

    • Administration of the Széchenyi Credit Card
    • Handing out company extracts
    • Making lists from our database

Servicing different lists from the database of the members of the chamber with the following filter possibilities:

o       Form of the company

o       Main activity

o       Centre

o       Sales revenue

o       Maximum number of the staff

Servicing datas:

o       Name of the company

o       Address of the company

o       Leader

o       Telephone number

·        Forwarding business offers to an Internet-based country system

·        Making e-mail addresses in free registered systems

·        Using internet in the offices of the chamber

·        Making and counter signing of students-contract

·        Control of practical training places, handing out of decisions

·        High level classification of practical trainings, handing out certificates

·        Delegating members to examination committees

·        Handing out supporting declarations to the decentralized tenders of the Vocational Training Funds

·        Handing out supporting declarations to tenders about get or extend examining rights

·        Making public procurement regulations

·        Damage expert activity

·        Handing out references


  1. Chamber membership card-discount system


  1. Ethical Committee


  1. Conciliatory Corporation


  1. Elected Court



Trainings of the BOKIK Service Association for Public Use - 2007


  • Public procurement executive
  • European business assistant
  • Financial-accounting administrator
  • Lower and intermediate English courses
  • Lower and intermediate German courses
  • Training of computer technique and information science:
    • WORD – word processor program
    • POWER POINT – presentation program
    • EXCEL for Windows – table-manager program
    • ACCES – database-manager program
    • Internet
    • Making homepages, language bases of HTMC, FRONT PAGE 98.
    • Computational English courses
  • Interest-validating specialist
  • Enterprise organizer
  • Commercial manager
  • Marketing- and advertising administrator
  • Entrepreneurial administrator
  • Labour-market administrator
  • Merchant entrepreneur
  • Other – putting right to the demand – modul-systemed trainings
  • Computer administrator-user
  • Master trainings
  • Industrial law
  • Public procurement